Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Buffing my Nerd-dom

My wife is a big Star Trek fan, so she's been catching me up on the Voyager series. I honestly haven't followed Star Trek since The Next Generation, so this was kind of an experiment. I must say that I've been enjoying it so far (we just finished season 2). Capt. Janeway does a great job being strong and the rest of the crew is interesting enough. I think so far my favourite character is the Dr. He's sarcastic yet pleasant at the same time, somehow. The most annoying character is Tuvoc. I've nicked him "Tuvoc Shakur." The way he says "sensors" overturns mountains. Chakote is a cool character, but I can't help but call him "chipolte." Yes, like the sauce.


  1. I have all this stuff on dvd. Do u own it on dvd or watching broadcast reruns

  2. My wife owns it all on DVD. A true fan! :D

  3. I have like 7 reasons to hate Voyager. Not the least of which is that I bought the box set from some guy on Craigslist, and when I got home discovered they were Chinese bootlegs. But oh yes, I did get my money back.

    Also see how Voyager swung the 2008 presidential election here: